Associate Professor Kouichi Konno
Major field
 CAGD, CAD/CAM, Shape Modeling

1985 Dept. of Information Science, Tsukuba University (BS)
 - 1999
Ricoh Co., Ltd. Software Research Center
1996 Dr. of Engineering, Dept. of Precision Machinery Engineering, University of Tokyo
- 2001
Lattice Technology, Inc.,
2001 Associate Professor at Iwate University


Methodologies to generate a 3D shape on a computer have been researched in our laboratory. A 3D shape modeling that is one of the basic technologies for CAD/CG plays an important role for CG rendering, computer simulation, and digital archives. One problem in 3D shape modeling is how to describe surfaces of the shape. A lot of kinds of surface equations have been studied, such as Bezier surface or B-spline surface. Generally, a surface is represented by a quadric or a cubic equation. However, surface equation depends on applications or modeling methods. Our laboratory has researched general surface representation to model a 3D shape easily. We also have researched geometric operations for 3D shape modeling and applications of 3D models.

  • 3D model generation:
    In this theme, the algorithm for generating surfaces from various kind of data and the surface representation of a 3D model have been studied. Currently, the subjects for modeling and shape analysis are as follows:
  • Applications for 3D shape modeling:
    In this theme, technologies of applications for 3D shape modeling have been studied. Currently, the following topics are researched.

  • Contours (Mt. Iwate)

    Terrain model

    Stone implement

    Surface analysis of stone implement

    Replica generation

    Registration of point clouds

    Fast drawing

    N-side filling

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