Measured Drawings of Earthenware Artifacts

■K. Konno, N. Abe, Y. Tokuyama, A Study on Generating Section Lines to Make Measured Drawings of Earthenware Artifacts, The Journal of ITE, Vol.61, No.10, pp.1504-1511, (2007).

When utilizing land consisting of an archeological site, the Cultural Properties Protection Law in Japan obliges developers to carry out an archeological excavation and publish a report on the findings. Measured drawings of excavated artifacts are illustrated after they are measured with special equipment. Because the process of generating measured drawings requires a high level of skill and a lot of labor, there has been considerable discussion about the need to streamline the process. To generate a measured drawing of earthenware artifacts efficiently, we propose a method to automatically generate section lines from the  features of the earthenware. The drawing parameters are extracted from real measured drawings to generate the same section lines. After that, section lines are generated from the features that are extracted from the measured drawing, based on the drawing parameter function.



Measured Drawings

Section Lines

The data is provided by 「Iseki-no-Manabikan」.

■A&T TOHOKU 2007