Collision Detection

■Fujiwara, S., Konno, K., Sone, J., Tokuyama, Y., A Method for Exact Collision Detection of Faces with Layered Boundary Spheres, The Journal of IIEEJ, Vol.35, No.1, pp. 20-29, (2006).

A lot of collision detection algorithms for three-dimensional space objects have been studied. At present, they are important methods in wide area, such as CAD, computational geometry, and computer graphics (CG). It is still difficult, however, to detect exact collision faces quickly because of high calculation costs. In this paper, we propose an algorithm of exact collision detection. In our algorithm, we introduce generation of Layered Boundary Spheres (LBS) to select candidates of collision faces quickly, so that exact collision faces are detected. Additionally, our method is applied to PC cluster environment. PC cluster enables discrete collision detection, which decreases calculation cost of each computer. Therefore it will be possible to obtain exact collision faces quickly.

■PC Cluster

PC Cluster

■Result of collision detection between straw bag and bone

straw bag and bone collision faces

■Result of collision detection between two dragons


The data of dragon is provided by Lattice Technology, Inc.
The data of bone is provided by Doi Laboratory,Iwate Prefectural University.