Piece Modeling Method to Reconstruct an Earthenware Vessel

T.Kinoshita, Y.Muraki, K.Matsuyama, K.Konno:Piece Modeling Method Around an Hole to Reconstruct an Earthenware Vessel, The Journal of Art and Science, Vol.11, No.3, pp.47-58, (2012).


In many cases, earthenware is broken and excavated from ruins. Generally, all processes from the classification of earthenware to assembly and the restoration are often done by the hand work. At this time, It is necessary manually to bury a lack part by using gypsum etc. In this paper, we propose the method for expressing the surface shape by using the shape around lack part where earthenware is missed. In our method, first of all, the patterns on the surface of earthenware is removed by using the low-pass filter. After that, the surface which is filled the hole is generated from the pattern removed surface. Surface fitting method is employed to generate the hole filling surface. Finally, the trimmed surface is composed by generating the boundary of the hole, and using the boundary and the fitting surface.